Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

We provide successful tape data recovery from tape cartridge that has been damaged for both tape duplication and tape conversion for your Data Recovery.

For most organizations, taking backups on tapes is a routine process, to be undertaken at the day end. While this indeed is a great way to maintain system record to fall back on, have you ever wondered that your tape data too is susceptible to corruption and damage?

Your tape data can get damaged due to a variety of reasons. As one of the dedicated Data Recovery Services Mumbai, we are capable of retrieving your data from your tape.

We are your one stop solution for media tape recovery Mumbai. Our experienced team can retrieve data from all forms of backup tapes such as DAT, DDS, AIT, DLT, VXA, LTO, Travan, QIC and more.

We offer the following Tape Data Recovery services:

  • Broken tapes
  • Tapes damaged due to natural disasters such as rain, fire, flood
  • Physical damage to the tape
  • Tapes damaged due to exposure to moisture, smoke, etc
  • Tapes that are intentionally damaged
  • Non-aligned drive heads
  • Backup failures
  • Overwriting of tapes
  • Setup problems
  • Software error
  • Any other media tape recovery services you may need

Data Recovery Mumbai- Leaders in Media Tape Recovery Mumbai

While these devices are portable and easy to handle, they are susceptible to data loss, owing to:Over the past 21 years, we have enriched ourselves with the latest tools and techniques in data recovery and have evolved to become one of the most sought after data recovery services. Our expert technicians can revive your data from ALL types of tapes and in ALL formats. We are one of the few disk recovery services that  data recovery from your tape cartridges, no matter how battered the tapes are.

Our process

Whether your tapes are damaged due to some common problem, if the problem is severe and complex, our engineers will first identify the nature of damage before embarking on a solution.

Our technicians attempt a low level reading of the tape to gauge the nature and extent of damage. Next, the format will be identified and our technical experts will then strategies on the process that would best fit the recovery process.

Once we have analyzed and evaluated the problem, we will get in touch with you with estimate. The work will begin only with your consent. Also, we will maintain total transparency. There will be no hidden cost and no “read between the line clauses”

Get the Data Recovery Mumbai Advantage

  • Quick turnaround- We will recover your data within 24 hours to 48 hours
  • No upfront payment- Payment only on retrieval of data
  • State of the art CLEAN ROOM to ensure safety of tape cartridges and data
  • Well-equipped LAB with latest tools and techniques
  • Trained personnel with vast experience

We understand your tapes are precious to you. It could be your valuable office information, personal data or any anything else that’s important to you. If you feel that your tapes are corrupt, damaged or overwritten or if you hear some noise coming out of your tape, it’s time you consult expert data recovery service such as ours.

As one of the best Tape Data Recovery service provider, we ensure  data recovery at affordable prices.