Oracle Database Recovery


Database Data Recovery:

  • SQL Database Server
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • SyBase
  • Exchange Server
  • Access
  • Lotus Notes
  • other databases maintained on networked Fileservers
  • Financial Databases

The first step is always to analyze the storage device or the file to identify the nature of the problem and the extent of the damage.

In many cases, media error (Hard Drive or RAID errors), causes the database to be corrupted.

Therefore, If possible it’s strongly recommended that you send us the physical storage device, which the database was stored on, for an evaluation.

We tend to get better recovery results when we complete the recovery in the hardware level.

In many cases sending us the physical drives would not be technically possible, so we can work on the actual file.

You can upload it to us quickly using our 100MBps internet line or sending it to us on a media.
If you wish to upload a file to us, please submit a case and contact us for the FTP details.

Each job is unique and will vary according to the version, size and the problem of the file.
The evaluation results tells the customer what we can recover, how much time it will take and how much it will cost.

It is up to the customer to decide whether we should go ahead with the recovery.
The recovery results will be submitted to the customer, as part of our verification of a successful recovery process.

We will supply the recovered data on whatever medium the customer specifies.