Data Loss FAQ

Data Loss can happen due to multiple reasons. This is precisely why at Data Recovery Mumbai we want to explain Causes For Data Loss by offering the most comprehensive Data Loss FAQ. Here, find suitable Tips on Data Loss Recovery and learn about the causes of data loss from hard disks, servers, databases and tips on recovery.

Data recovery process revolves around the processes utilized for recovering lost files or data through multiple sources such as floppy diskette, hard drives or tapes. This process is performed by professional and trained data recovery specialists, especially after one fails to recover the data using commercialized software.

Data loss can happen due to a number of reasons and situations. Loss of data happens primarily because of system or hardware malfunctioning, human error, corrupted software, virus attacks as well as natural calamities like water and fire damage.

Your data will remain secure only if you are willing enough to protect it. Data loss from hard disk drives can be prevented by following appropriate data safeguarding methods and techniques. The best way to secure data is to create backup for the same as it enables you to access your data when your hard disk drive fails. Aside to this, encrypting the data allows you to highly secure your data and further allowing only those people to access the same who have the appropriate permission for accessing the concerned data.

There isn’t any specific time limit or duration for which the deleted file or data will remain on the hard disk drive. However, if the deleted data or file is overwritten with fresh data it will be destroyed.

In most of the cases, recoveries are carried out within a period of 24 hours. The faster you make an attempt for data recovery the sooner you’ll be able to retrieve it. In case you have formatted the drive accidentally or even if you have ended up losing the drive’s letter and not overwritten any fresh data then you can expect hundred percent data recovery.

We follow different methods and techniques for retrieving data. Every data recovery project is different and we analyze and assess them individually before designing and appropriate data retrieval plan. We use advanced technology and solutions for duplicating our client’s data to ensure that no further damage is caused to your data under any circumstances. We also ensure complete confidentiality and security of your data.