Mobile Data Recovery Services


Data Recovery Mumbai recovers data from devices such as iPod or other portable music device, IPAD, cell phone, mobile phone, TAB and more. Call us at Data Recovery Mumbai for more information.

Lost some important voice messages, images, memorable videos, news bytes or your favorite piece of music? We at Data Recovery Mumbai can help you resurrect all your files in all formats, eg.ISOS, Android OS, etc.

With the increased use and functionality of modern day devices, it is quite likely that your cell phone, iPod, tablet, TABS, IPAD, etc may get corrupt and you may lose your music collection and valuable data.

The damage to the files could be due to one or more causes as given below:

  • The data in your portable device has got corrupt
  • Virus
  • Physical damage to your device
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Media files are corrupt
  • Liquid spillage on your device & Water-logging
  • Reformatting of your device by error
  • The device is not able to load the data
  • Damage due to natural disasters such as flood, fire, rain,
  • Hardware failure
  • Software application error
  • System crash
  • Power surge
  • Data/ File Transfers
  • Dead mobile

With over 22 years of experience in data recovery niche and a track record of  data recovery, we are crowned as leaders in giving our customers the most satisfying, seamless Mobile Data Recovery experience.

Whichever model of mobile device or music device you may be using and whatever may be the cause of the data loss on your portable device our skilled personnel are expert in Mobile Data recovery and will work to recover your damaged, corrupted, lost or overwritten files in the shortest possible time frame.

Your Data is Completely Secured with us

At Data Recovery Mumbai, your files are totally secured. We ensure that your privacy and the confidentiality of your files will be maintained at all times. We follow international guidelines in upholding data security and privacy.

Our Modus Operandi

Although it may seem simple, Mobile data recovery is complex and the solution of data recovery will depend on the type of failure your mobile device has faced.

Physical Damage

If your iPod, IPAD, cell phone or other music device is physically damaged for any reason, our experts will work on your device in our state of the art, temperature and humidity controlled, dust free LAB to ensure that your data is recovered optimally and no further damage is caused to your device either through dust or humidity. For data recovery in case of physical damage, you will have to leave your device at our office.

We understand your privacy is important to you. We give you that your data and device are in secured hands.

Electrical Failure

In case of data loss due to electrical failure, your smart phone, iPod or mobile phone may need some spares to be replaced. Our experts are equipped and trained to handle any sorts of repairs your portable device may need.

Why Us?

In addition to experienced technicians, we are one of the few companies to have in house state of the art CLEAN ROOM. This ensures that your device is well protected and your data and device remains free from contamination and damage. Plus, we have sophisticated hardware and software that ensures  Mobile Data recovery.

With our ready stock of essential spares, Your issue will be resolved in record time.

Data Recovery Mumbai 

We are confident of our expertise and experience. At the same time, we want to truly serve you to the best of our abilities. That’s why we charge you only when your data is retrieved.