IT Forensic Services



Our team is capable of offering reliable, efficient and quick IT Forensic Services to organizations of all scales and sizes! We offer an array of IT forensic services including Electronic Data Acquisition Analysis, Electronic Evidence, Common Evidence Recovery, Litigation Support etc. We can handle IT Forensic projects for multiple organizations including MNCs, Software development, Medical, Manufacturing, Finance, Telecommunications as well as Government.

Here’s why clients rely on us for all types of data recovery and IT Forensic Services:

  • We have been offering reliable and quick forensic services, analysis as well as litigation support for several years now.
  • Our team provides forensic services for all kinds of digital gadgets and devices.
  • We own appropriate labs for conducting forensic services and analysis in all conditions and environments.
  • Our forensic experts can offer assistance in criminal cases, IP theft related cases and infringement of patent as well as civil litigation cases.
  • We have handled hundred and thousands of IT forensic related cases and our services are beyond comparison.
  • We are regarded as the Forensic Recovery Specialists Mumbai-wide.
  • We offer IT Forensic services in office or even if you provide us with the necessary media or device that needs for recovering all your lost data.
  • We carry all the necessary tools from obtaining evidence and data from servers, hard disk drives and tapes.

After receiving the media, we work towards creating a copy of the master device/media provided by you. We do not incorporate any changes into the original media/device sent by our clients. Next, we focus on carrying out thorough and extensive forensic analysis. Our team also offers appropriate handling/tracking procedures for acquiring evidences. We follow all the stringent guidelines when it comes to seizing and searching of the computers.

Our IT Forensic Process

Our recovery and forensic engineers has the expertise required for recovering electronic evidences completely. We follow the most accurate IT Forensic processes for providing you with the desired results.

At the time of offering IT Forensic services, we take special care in ensuring that the corrupted or lost data recovery process does not hamper our performance and we deliver quick and effective results. As part of offering litigation support and services, we report, manifest as well as prepare a video document to aid our clients. Additionally, we offer printed and well composed reports, prepare a presentation consisting of all the evidences and tag all the exact locations of the evidences on desired media. We also create a timeline of all the activities indicating when and how the events took place.

You can also count on us for expert and true witness services and testimony! We will store as well as safeguard your crucial data on your behalf! For further details or to acquire your free of cost IT Forensic Services quote Talk To Expert!