RAID, SAN, NAS Data Recovery


Loss of data can be crucial for any organization, especially for mission critical companies!

At Data Recovery Mumbai, clients can expect reliable and efficient RAID, SAN and NAS data recovery with assistance from professional and experienced data recovery professionals.

Loss of data can slowdown the entire business process and result in unavoidable expenditure. This is precisely why when facing data loss issues, it is important that you turn to a knowledgeable and professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Services offering company. At Data Recovery Mumbai, we have the perfect solution for all your problems. We provide quick, efficient and reliable Data Recovery services and solutions.

Raid Data Recovery

  • Our data recovery team is highly efficient at offering data recovery
  • We are capable of recovering crucial and important data from RAID, SAN, NAS and other types of disk servers.
  • Our engineers are certified and trained by reputed encryption companies, which helps in recovering data from multiple encrypted HDD, software and other devices.
  • Our engineers utilize advanced data recovery tools and software to create multiple images/pictures of the main drive, which implies that the original data remains untouched and uncompromised.
  • We are capable of providing RAID data recovery under all conditions and scenarios including multiple drive failure, natural disasters and severe corruption.

In case of RAID data loss, the HDD is exposed to multiple problems including hardware problems, errors at the time of rebuilding, correlated failures and failure of the controller among others. Data Recovery Mumbai team recovers data from all types of hard drives including IDE, PATA, ATA, EIDE, SAS, SCSI, EDI, USB, Fibre Channel etc.

NAS and SAN Data Recovery

Our team provides data recovery, file recovery, server recovery and database recovery for NAS devices as well. Our engineers have the requisite experience and knowledge of recovering data from all kinds of hi-end devices including Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Networks. We also recover photos, databases, ERP/accounting systems, music library, mail servers as well as other critical data from NAS and SAN devices. Since NAS storage devices are unique in construction, configuration and components, it is extremely important for data loss engineers to have extensive knowledge of the hardware, structures and operating systems and file systems. Our data recovery engineers also provide reliable and efficient SAN data recovery, which means they can easily recover accounting records, customer databases, measurement and test data, source codes, video and graphic files and intellectual properties among others.

Data Recovery Mumbai has the best recovery rooms for carrying out data recovery services. Our recovery room is free of dust and has the appropriate humidity and temperature controlled environment, which helps in recovering lost data safely and securely.

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