Pen Drive Data Recovery

Pen Drive Data Recovery

Pen drive not detecting?!! Are you losing data in your USB Drive? Contact us for USB Recovery in Mumbai. We provide Pen Drive / USB Flash Drive Data Recovery.

Although Pen drives or USB flash drives are portable, can fit in your pocket and perhaps are most widely used data transfer devices by people who are on the move, businessmen, executives and even students. These devices are most vulnerable and you may lose your vital information, photos, songs or your important presentation just when you need them the most… Worry not, we at Data Recovery Mumbai can help you retrieve your lost data from the pen-USB flash drive!

Why would you need USB Recovery Mumbai services?

Your flash memory can get damaged due to several reasons as given below:

  • Dust
  • Moisture
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Power surges
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Static discharge because the USB was not capped properly

To retrieve your data loss you will need USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Mumbai services.

Symptoms that the USB drive is faulty

  • Pen drive is physically damaged or broken
  • Makes unusual noise when inserted
  • USB not shown as connected to Mac, Windows, XP/Vista or BIOS
  • Device Manager is unable to identify the USB
  • Found new hardware wizard does not identify the USB
  • You get a message “USB device not recognized” or “USB malfunction”
  • Windows identify the USB device, but partitions are not seen
  • The USB device is identified, partitions are visible but files or data cannot be accessed
  • Files cannot be read
  • You get “ file system corrupt” message” or “run chkdsk utility” message

Get the Data Recovery Mumbai edge

Whether your USB flash memory is destroyed, damaged, corrupted or if the stored data is deleted intentionally or unintentionally or if your drive is reformatted, being one of the best hard disk data recovery services, Data Recovery Mumbai can help you with the following:

  • Pen drive data recovery from broken, damaged or chewed device
  • Crashed pen drive data recovery
  • USB flash data recovery
  • Formatted/Deleted/Corrupted/Overwritten USB Data Recovery

Data recovery for USB drives is a complex, time consuming job. We have developed ultra-modern hardware and software retrieve your images, files and information from the broken, damaged or corrupted drives. Our skilled technicians are able to read the NAND flash chips and resurrect your original files on the drive and save your lost data.

What makes Data Recovery Mumbai Special?

While our experience and expertise in all types of data recovery is matchless, it is our reputation as Forensic Recovery Specialists Mumbai has earned us wide spread accolades and has crowned us as the most effective data recovery services in Mumbai.

Being the best disk recovery services in Mumbai, we have been giving our valuable services to the Government, Investigation agencies and legal officers in retrieving valuable information from the flash drives.

Our experts can retrieve lost and damaged data from all types of flash drives including USB Flash Drive ,USB memory, Jump Drive, Pen Drive ,Pocket Drive, Thumb Drive and Many More Flash Drives and support all major USB drive manufactures namely: Transcend ,Kingston ,Olympus, SanDisk, Sony, Samsung ,Toshiba ,Super flash, Panasonic, HP ,Jet flash and other popular brands.

We are your ultimate destination in Data Recovery Services!