Data Migration / Conversion

Data Migration

We provide successful data migration / data conversion services. We are a specialist in all types of data recovery with excellent turn – around – time!

Data migration or data conversion is a transition from old systems, software or formats to newer, feature rich versions. Many a times, data migration becomes inevitable, when an organization is switching over to latest technology or where the old formats have become redundant. The biggest risk in data transfer is losing the data in transit….that’s precisely why you need to entrust the task of data migration to a reliable Data recovery company!

Data migration is a complex process and many a times, data gets lost in transit if the conversion process is not handled with care. Data Migration Experience Counts…

At Data Recovery Mumbai, we have over 22 years of experience in data migration and data recovery. Our technical wizards possess all rounded industry experience with specialization in both old technologies and the latest technologies. No matter in what format your data is, we are confident of converting your data into latest database format with 0% data loss! As such, the data migration offered by us will be flawless, thereby enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your organization!

Our 6 Dimensional Work Approach to Data Conversion

To enable our clients a seamless transition, within the shortest time possible and with the least application downtime, we at Data Recovery Mumbai follow a comprehensive 6 dimensional approach.


  • Assess: This is the initial phase, where we analyze and evaluate the nature and volume of the data migration needs.
  • Strategize: Next, we strategize a detailed plan layout keeping in view the time, cost and performance efficiency to derive a viable and optimal solution.
  • Extract: The next stage is implementing the strategy. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to extract data from the sources.
  • Cleanse: Our experts will check the data and clean it to avoid any hiccups at the time of data conversion.
  • Load: Once our experts ensure that the data is cleansed of any possible error, it is then loaded to the new device/system/format.

Why Data Recovery Mumbai?

We are experts in Data Conversion solutions and give our customers a seamless data transition experience. Trust us for:

  • Over 22 years of experience
  • Best quality of data conversion/ data migration
  • Least downtime
  • Unparalleled services
  • Affordable price
  • On time delivery
  • Customized approach

We make your data conversion process hassle free! If you want to get value for money and enjoy error free data migration, choose Data Recovery Mumbai! With our Class 100 Clean Room LAB