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A clean dust-free room is essential while working on any electronics devices. At Data Recovery Mumbai, we utilize a Class-10 Laminar Flow system for working!

For hard drive data recovery services to be  successful, it is essential to have Clean Room facilities that meet the international CLASS 100 ISO 5 standards. This becomes absolutely vital when the hard drive needs to be opened up to repair and replace parts.

Data Recovery Mumbai is proud to be Mumbai’s leading services to offer hard drive service in Clean Room. Our data recovery processes are handled by experienced technicians so as to ensure  data recovery in all cases!

Why insist on Clean Room?

The delicate parts in the hard drives can be damaged due to dust particles, moisture and other air pollutants. The platters and the read write head are located in close proximity… However, if they come in contact with each other, the delicate parts would get scratched and your data will be lost for good. Also, the hard drive platters rotate at an enormous speed, thereby attract dust particles and pollutants. Any contact with dust particles would lead to crashing your hard drive data completely.

That’s why in cases where the technicians need to recalibrate head &platter or need to check the hard drive components, the hard drive must be opened only in a CLEAN ROOM LAB.

Our Clean Room…better than the best!

Our Clean Room LAB is equipped with the following:

  • Huge HEPA filter to keep the air inside the room pollutants free!
  • Strategically placed air vents to allow flow of clean, cool air through the HEPA filter
  • Special Anti-Static Vinyl Flooring with copper laid underneath for earthing.
  • Walls designed with clear anti-static vinyl to dismiss static charges from human body. Also, the clear walls enable viewingthe activities carried inside the Clean Room.
  • State of the art Class 10 Laminar Flow Cabinet designed by French company, Nu- Air, to provide ultra clean environment when working on the open hard disks.
  • Supply drawers fully equipped with anti-static gloves, jumpsuits, face masks, eye goggles, lint free wipes and cleaning agents to be used while working on the hard drives
  • Heavy duty furniture custom made keeping in view with the clean room environment Fire sensor
  • CCTV Security Cameras to record all work being done in our Class-100 Clean room 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Tacky Matts placed outside the CLEAN ROOM so that the engineers can remove dust particles from their feet by stepping on the Matt. The strips are peeled off and replaced after every use.
  • Laminar Flow cabinet bench tailored to fit the stand
  • ESD Safe Chair to wipe away static electricity from the human body as our engineers set to work on the hard disk.

Data Recovery Mumbai is proud to house one of the best Clean Room services in Mumbai. If you want to hire the best hard disk data recovery services, choose us!