Tally Data Recovery


Have you lost your Accounts Data in Tally?

Do you need expert and efficient Tally Data Recovery Services?

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Organizations that use Tally accounting software must be careful enough to maintain a backup of their Tally data regularly. This back up is often done by entering the name of the month or the days on which the record was maintained.

Causes of Loss of Tally Data

It is important for companies to take care of their Tally related data for running their day to day operations smoothly. While, Tally offers numerous features that can be used for safeguarding data, ways of data protection, human errors and system failure can cause data loss anytime. Following are some of the reasons behind loss of Tally data:

  • Due to power surge or failure
  • The PC used for maintaining Tally data malfunctions or its operating system stops working appropriately due to formatting.
  • If you end taking too many backups of the folders containing Tally data and you forget the folder where you placed the original data.
  • When you try to restore the backed up Tally data, you may end up losing all your data.
  • When someone accidentally/ deliberately deletes your Tally data.
  • Due to natural disasters and calamities such as flood, fire, earthquake etc.

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Our professional and experienced technical engineers are adept at offering a wide range of Tally Data Recovery services for organizations of all scales and sizes. Whether you want us to recover your tally data from the Tally based systems or Hard Disk Drives, we will follow all the requisite procedures and methods for recovering and restoring your crucial data.

Why Us?

  • We also carry the necessary hardware and software tools for retrieving all the vital Tally data.
  • We debug and transfer the recovered data in a separate folder at extremely affordable prices.
  • As a company policy, we don’t keep or share any external file or data lying within our databases with others.
  • Our team works 24×7 to offer quick, trustworthy and efficient Tally data recovery services.
  • We can handle all types of complex and difficult data loss situations.
  • Our team is capable of offering safe and reliable data recovery for all types of organizations.
  • We offer customer satisfaction and desired results.
  • We will assist you in recovering and restoring your lost Tally data in a separate folder or file.
  • Our team also provides effective and easy steps for safeguarding Tally data on a regular basis.

With Data Recovery Mumbai as your Tally Data Recovery partner, you can find your lost Tally accounting data and folders in no time!

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