Lacie Hard Disk Data Recovery

Lacie Hard Disk Data Recovery

Bad sectors – deterioration to the magnetic media causes raw spots and when the drive attempts to read the damaged data the result is scratching, freezing, clicking or ticking. Data is lost due to damage caused to the surface heads.

Read / Write head glitch – knocking, clicking, beeping sounds. A hard knock or fall, or unexpected termination may dislodge the heads. Then on start up, the heads are incapable of returning to their proper position, which results in the knocking/clicking sounds.

  • Firmware – when a module gets corrupted, the hard drive isn’t able to initialize correctly and stops working;
  • Possible error messages related to firmware:
  • “No operating system found”
  • “S.M.A.R.T. Capable But Command Failed”
  • “Primary Master Hard Disk Fail” “Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter”
  • “USB Device malfunctioned”
  • “Drive Mount Failure”
  • “Hard drive not recognized”

If you suspect at any time, that there is something wrong with your LaCie external drive, if it has crashed, or doesn’t want to start, cut off the power supply immediately and get into contact with a data recovery lab. Never try to fix the problem yourself – this will cause more harm than good.

Data Detect provides recovery on all LaCie Storage devices – some as shown.