Removable Media Data

The overwhelming dependency on digital information has led to increased use of removal media devices. Primarily, removable media is classified into 2 subgroups:

  • Solid State Memory – Memory Sticks, SD cards, Multimedia cards, smart cards, thumb drives etc
  • Magnetic Memory – Floppy Disk, USB Hard Drive
  • Optical – CD, DVD

While these devices are portable and easy to handle, they are susceptible to data loss, owing to:

  • Exposure to moisture/water
  • Corruption
  • Mishandling of removable media device
  • File deletion
  • Wear and tear

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We are one of the pioneers of disk recovery services in Mumbai and have over 22 years of experience in data recovery. . Here’s why our data recovery services are matchless:

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  • Latest technology and tools for data recovery. Our skilled technicians are expert in Mac Data recovery and Windows data recovery stored in removable storage devices in your computer.
  • Expertise and experience in data retrieval from memory cards, external hard drive, USB etc.
  • Set procedures and steps for quick identification and recovery of lost data from partition
  • Assured data restoration even in case of major failures such as corrupt drive, disk formatting and virus.
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Data Recovery Mumbai- Your One Stop Data Recovery Destination

We are your one stop data recovery destination. We will recoup your lost data from all sorts of removable media. Whether your PARTITION or Operating system (FAT/NTFS/ISOS/Android O/S /Windows) is corrupted, damaged, deleted either intentionally or unintentionally or if it has got formatted, we will retrieve your data for you.

No matter how complex your requirement is and no matter how inaccessible your damaged files may be, our engineers will help you reinstate your data and files from all types of portable media

We understand that the data and files stored in the removable media are vital for your business and private information. Therefore, our expert team mates will ensure that your deleted, lost or damaged files are reinstated at the soonest.

All you do is let us know about your data loss, our engineers will set to work to identify the problem and then proceed to treat it.

Contact us today for:

  • Photo Recovery
  • Memory Card Data Recovery
  • Pen Drive Data Recovery
  • CF Flash Card
  • CF Memory Card

If you feel that your removable media device is either corrupt or you’ve lost your data because of wear and tear, deletion, overwriting of data or any other reason, don’t try to tamper with the device or use any software on your own to recoup the data. It is best to trust the experts. At Data Recovery Mumbai, we give you 100% results, guaranteed!

Computer Systems

Each recovery case begins with a free diagnostic to determine the potential for recovery and to provide a firm price-quote for your review. The initial diagnosis determines whether the media is accessible to our lab equipment. If so, the first priority is to create a raw image of the data in our data recovery Mumbai lab,

Each recovery case begins with a free diagnostic to determine the potential for recovery and to provide a firm price-quote for your review. The initial diagnosis determines whether the media is accessible to our lab equipment so that logical analysis can determine the nature of the data loss situation.

Recovery of crashed hard disks often involves replacing failed or damaged components in a clean environment (Clean room class 100) and using specialized hardware and software tools to create the raw image.

Recovering lost data requires engineers to have a great deal of expertise and knowledge about different hardware systems, file systems, operating systems and software. This is precisely why when it comes to providing Apple XServe and Xsan Data Recovery services, Data Recovery Mumbai is considered as an ideal choice.

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