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Maxtor Hard Disk Data Recovery | Maxtor Disk Recovery Mumbai

If you are suffering from a maxtor hard disk crash or computer failure, our Data Recovery LAB engineers are here to help you. Data Recovery Mumbai is specialized in data recovery from Maxtor hard drives. The various supported models are:

Models :

Atlas, D536DX, D541X, Diamond Max VL40, D540-4D,D531X, Diamond Max Plus 60, D541X, Fireball 3, Diamond Max Plus 8, Diamond Max Plus 16, Diamond Max Plus 9, Proxima, Rigel, MaxLine, Nike, Athena, Romulus, Vilcan, Ares 64k, N40P, Falcon, Calypso, Cheyenne, Excalibur, Durango, Panther.

EIDE 3151P 7540AV 82187A5 82580A5

83201A6 84320D5 90645D3

791008D ST0154000U XT-4380E ESDI EXT-4380 XT-4170E XT-4175

XT-4179E XT-4280 XT-4380E XT-81000E FHT ESDI P1-08E P1-12E P1-13E P1-16E P2-17E

XT-3380E XT-4175E XT-4230E XT-8380E XT-8380EH

XT-8610E XT-8760E XT-8760EH XT-8800E FHT MFM ST506 XT-1065

XT-2085 XT-2140 FHT RLL ST506 XT-1120R


XT-8760SH FHT SCSI1 SE XT-3170S XT-3280S

XT-4170S XT-4280S XT-8702S FHT SCSI2 SE P0-12S P1-17S FHT SCSI2 P1-08S

P1-12S HH 7080 7120 7213 72004A 7290SR 7345SR 7424AV HHT IDE AT 8051A(T) LXT-100AT LXT-200AT

LXT-213A LXT-340AT LXT-437A LXT-50A LXT-535A HHT SCSI1 SE LXT-100S LXT-200S LXT-213S(Y)

LXT-340S LXT-437S LXT-50S LXT-535S HHT SCSI2 SE MXT-1240S HHT SCSI2 LXT-340SY IDE 6019 7040 7131 7171 7245 7273 7345 7850 71000 9043541 83240000 83249000 832400000 906400000 9084000000 140515-001 168122-001 19K1565 2B010H1 2B015H1 2B020H1 2F020J0 2F020J0-25PK 2F020L0 2F020L0-25PK 2F030J0 2F030L0 2F030L0-20PK 2F030L0-25PK 2F040J0 2F040L0 2F040L0-20PK 2F040L0-25PK 2R010H1 2R015H1 2R020H1

30432H1 30510H1 30680H1 30768H1 30840H2 30845h1 31024H1 31024H2 31369H2 31535H2 31536H2 31536U2 32049H2 32049U3 32305H3 33073H3 33073H4 33073U4 34098H4 34610H6 36147H8 3J08003293

4A160J0 4A160J0-20PK 4A250J0 4A250J0-20PK 4A300J0 4D030H2 4D040H2 4D040K2 4D060H3 4D080H3 4D080H4 4G120J6 4G160J8 4K020H1 4K040H2 4K060H3 4K080H4 4K080K4 4KO40H2 4R060J0 4R060J0-20PK 4R060L0 4R060L0-20PK 4R080J0 4R080J0-20PK 4R080L0 4R080L0-20PK 4R120J0 4R120L0 4R120L0-20PK 4R160J0 4R160L0 4R160L0-20PK 4W030H2 4W040H3 4W060H4 4W080H6 4W100H6

50124W2 51023H2 51024H2 51024U2 51024W2 51369H2 51369H3 51369U3 51536H2 51536H3 51536U3 52049H4 52049U4 52732U6 53073H6 53073U6 54098H8 54098U8 5A250J0 5A250J0-20PK 5A300J0 5A300J0-20PK 5T010H1 5T020H2 5T030H3 5T040H4 5T060H6

605T010H1 605T020H2 605T030H3 605T040H4 605T060H6 6E020L0 6E020L0-25PK 6E030L0 6E030L0-25PK 6E030L0510213 6E040L0-25PK 6E040L0510214 6E040L0510231 6L020J1 6L040J2 6L040L2 6L060J3 6L060L3 6L080J4 6L080J4-20PK 6L080L4 6Y040L0 6Y060L0 6Y060L0-20PK 6Y060M0 6Y060P0 6Y080L0-20PK 6Y080M0-20PK 6Y080P0 6Y080P020PK 6Y080P0-20PK 6Y120P0 6Y120P0-20PK 6Y160L0 6Y160L0-20PK 6Y160M0-20PK 6Y160P0

6Y160P0-20PK 6Y200L0 6Y200P0 6Y200P020PK 6Y200P0-20PK 6Y250L0 6Y250P0 6Y250P0-20PK 7040A 7060A 7080A 7080AT 71000A 71000AP 71050AT 71080AP 71084A 71084AP 7120A 7120AI 7120AT 71260AP 71260AT 7131A 7131AT 71336AP 71350A 71350AP 7135AV 71626A 71629AP 71670A 71670AP 71687A 71687AP 7170A 72004AP 72025A 72025AP 7213AI 7213AT 7245A 72577A 72577AP 72700A 7270AV 7273A 7345A 7405AV 7420AV 7541AP 7546A 7850AV 7Y200P0PK 7Y250M0-20PK 7Y250P0 7Y250P0-20PK

8051A 81080A3 81275A3 81280A2 81280D2 81620A2 81620A3 81620D2 81630A4 81750A2 81750A4 81750D2 82100A3 82100A4 82100D3 82100D4 82160A4 82160D2 82560A3 82560A4 82560D3 82561A3 82561D3 82577A6 82625A4 82625D4 83201D6 8320A6 83228D3 83240A4 83240D3 83240D4 83249D3 83500A 83500A4 83500A8 83500D4 84320A5 84320D4

84320D5 85120A8 85250A6 85250D6 85400A5 85400D5 86448D6 86480A8 86480D6 86480D8 87000A8 87000D8 87080D6 88400D8 88455D8 90052D2 90250D2 90256D2

90288D2 90320D2 90340D2 90422D2 90430D2 90430D3 90431U1 90432D2 90432D3 90500D4 90510D3 90510D4 90512D2 90512U2 90576D4 90625D5 90640D3 90640D4 90641U2 90644D3 90645D3 90648D3 90648D4 90648D5 90650U2 90651U2 90680A 90680D3 90680D4 90680U2 90680U3 90683U2 90684U2 90720D5 90750D3 90750D6 90750U3 90840D5 90840D6 90840D7 90841U2 90843D4 90845D4 90845D6 90845U2 90845U3 90864D6 90871U2 90875D7 90910D8 90913D4 90913U2 90913U4 91000D8 91008D7 91010D6 91020D6 91020U3 91021U2 91023H2 91023U2 91024D4 91024U2

91024U3 91024U4 91080D5 91080D8 91152D8 91190D7 91202D8 91301U3 91303D6 91350D8 91360D6 91360D8 91360U4 91360U6 91361U3 91362U3 91366U4 91369U3 91512D7 91531U3 91536D6 91536H2 91536U2 91536U3 91536U6 91700U5 91707U5 91728D8 91731U4 91741U4 91792D7 91792U7 91826U4

92040U6 92041U4 92048D8 92048U8 92049U3 92049U4 92049U6 92305U3 92380U7 92390U7 92561U5 92562U5 92720U8 92732U8 92739U6 93071U6

93073U4 93073U6 93652U8 94091U8 94098H6 94098U8 94610U6 96147H6 96147H8 96147U8 98196H8

A21421HS A22NQF3C A301XW8S A3022HBS A305FSZS A307W3PS A307ZT7S A40BRTDS A40F3CZS AS10A011 AS20A011 AS30A011 AS40A011 AS60A01



F020J0 FIREBALL FIREBALL3 G01J040 J303RWMS J508P9JS J50AY8FS J50BC1QS K012020GH K0188400D K0192720U K0196000H K0198000H K01J300

L01J030 L01J040 L01J040G L01J060 L01J060G L01J080 L01J080G L01J100 L01J120 L01M080 L01M120 L01M160 L01M200 L01M250 L01P080 L01P120 L01P160 L01P200 L01P250 L30VNF7A L801CBGS

LEO4A014-01-B LPS540AT LXT200A LXT213A LXT535A

MV27A432 MXT340A MXT540A PLUS8 PLUS9 ST0152000H ST0153000U ST0156000H ST0191020U VQ40A017-01-B W80E83QS XT72004AP IDE HH 71084A 71336A

72700AP 81081A2 82559A4 Laptop 251340AT 251350AT

90320D2 T700CLEK MFM XT-1050 XT-1085 XT-1105

XT-1120 XT-1140 XT-1240R XT-2190 Other 250837AT 25084AT 251005AT 25128AT 25252AT 2540AT 2585AT

80875A2 81080A2 81312A3 82656A6 83067A7 83200A5 83200A6 83200A8 83202A6 83209A5 83240A6 83840A6 84320A8

SCSI 7040AI 7120SR 7213SR 72453R 7245SR 7254SR 8B036J 8B036J0 8B036J0-20PK 8B036L0 8B036L0-20PK 8B073J 8B073J0 8B073J0-20PK 8B073L0 8B073L0-20PK 8B146J 8B146J0 8B146J0-20PK 8B146L0 8B146L0-20PK 8C018J0

8C018L0 8C036J0 8C036L0 8C073J0 8C073L0 8E073J0 90640D4 92F0405 C01L018G C01L036G C01L073G EM-1080S FB-1080S KU018J2 KU018L2 KU036J4 KU036L4 KU073J8 KU073L8 KW018J2 KW018L2 KW036J4

KW036L4 KW073J8 KW073L8 KW18L018 MXT51536H3 PO-12S TN009L6 TN036L0 TY009J3 TY018J6 TY036JA TY073JK TY073LK XC036J8 XC036L8 XT-3170 XT-3280 XT-3380 XT-340S XT-4380S XT-4380SF XT-8380S SCSII XT-8760S

SATA 6B200MO 6B300S0 6E020L0 6Y080M0 6Y120M0 6Y160M0 6Y200M0 7L250S0 7Y250M0 L01M080

L01M120 L01M160 L01M200 L01M250 MX250AM SCSI FLEXSTAR EXT4380S ULTRA 133 6E040L0 6Y080L0

6Y120L0 6L160P0 7L250R0 6L250R0 USB A01A200 A01A250 A01B120 A01C250 A14A160 A14A200 A14A250 A14B080 B01D300 B14D300 E14A200 E14E100 E14E200 E14G250 E14G300 E14H300 G01J040 G01J060 R01J080 S01J250 T01J120 T01P160 T01P200 T14P200

TA1P160 V01J080 X01FWRA040 X01FWRA080 X01FWRA160 X01USB2040 X01USB2120 Y01FWRA060 Y01FWRA080 Y01J060 Y01J080 1/3HT ATA 7273AT 7290AT

7405AT 7546AT 1/3HT ATA2 Fast 71050A 71084A(P) 71260A

7130A(T) 71626AP 7425AV 7540AV 7541A 7850AV 1/3HT IDE AT 7040A(T) 7060A(T) 7080A(T) 7120A(P)

7131A(T) 7171A 7171AT 7213A 7245AT 7345AT MXT-540AL 1/3HT SCSI1 SE 7040S 7060S

7080S 7120S 1/3HT SCSI SE 7245S 1/3HT SCSI 7130S 7131S

7213S 7290S 7345S 1/3HT SCSI2 Fast MXT-540SL

Maxtor Disk Recovery Mumbai

Maxtor Hard Disk Data Recovery

SOUNDS TO LISTEN FOR Crashed Hard Drive?

It can be alarming to hear strange noises coming from your hard drive. Below are a few examples of noises that could lead to or be caused by a hard drive failure. This is not meant to be a self diagnosis tool, it's just a simple way to let you know that Eco Data Recovery is capable of rescuing data from drives that suffer from each of these failures.


If your drive is making any of these sounds or any uncommon noise, TURN IT OFF and disconnect it immediately before there is any further damage. Fill out our Online Quote Form for a free quote that could save your valuable data.

The wide range of Data Recovery Mumbai services includes Hard Drive Data Recovery,  Western Digital harddisk data recovery, Hitachi harddisk data recovery, IBM harddisk data recovery, Toshiba hard disk data recovery, Seagate hard disk data recovery, Samsung hard disk data recovery, Maxtor hard disk data recovery, Fujitsu harddisk data recovery, Quantum harddisk data recovery, Removable Media Data Recovery, Memory Card Data Recovery, Mobile Device / PDA Data recovery, Tape Data Recovery, SSD Hard Drive Data Recovery,  Pen Drive Data Recovery, Server Data Recovery, Apple Mac Data Recovery, Unix, Linux Data Reccovery, RAID, SAN, NAS Data Recovery, Apple Xserve / Xsan Data Recovery, Snap Server Data Recovery, VMWAVE/ESX/GSX Data Recovery, Microsoft Hyper-V VHD Data Recovery, SQL Server Data Recovery, Exchange Server Recovery, Tally Data Recovery, IT Forensic Services, Data Recovery/ Data Loss / Forensic Recovery Specialists in Mumbai for notebook and desktop hard drives. 100% Guaranteed Recovery.


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Vishal : I like their service, genuine people, they helped me a lot. Very Good Service.

Param : To service the hardware for data recovery i have contacted drm on a correct rate and i got a very best service now my computer is at good working condition

Ms Dinaz : To get my data from laptop Data Recovery Mumbai approached me. They did a very good servicing of the laptop. Its working just fine. the rates were reasonable and the work was professional.

Vijay Goel : To service my laptop and recover data,Data Recovery Mumbai approached me. they did a very good servicing of the laptop and recovered data, its working just fine. the rates were reasonable and the work was professional.

Sunil Khotri : I recovered my data it was very neat service from them.

Sandeep : Data Recovery Mumbai was indeed a great one showing their professionalism and experience in the field the charges too was reasonable and the work was done as per our requirement.

Samar : We would like to thank Data Recovery Mumbai for providing us the service the service center have given us amazing services such that we now have all our systems working very quick we would definetely use the same people the next time too.

Rita : I had data to be recovered. The pcb got burnt. I gave it to other companies but they couldnt recover the data. By chance i went to the net and found out all about Data Recovery Mumbai. i went there personally and they got my data in two days!!! This data was too imp for me as it had all my 8 years of memories in it.

Ramesh Naik : Affordable and Knowledgeable services from Data Recovery Mumbai It's one thing to get your computer repaired successfully, and another they diagonalize the problem very soon and fix it very fast My failing hard drive was diagnosed and replaced within 20 minutes. These people love what they do and are good at rates.

Parithosh : Data Recovery Mumbai really helped me a lot i was in need of servicing my laptop had small problem with my keyboard i contacted them and they helped me in servicing it soon very fast and hardworking staff charges also reasonable my problem has been resolved immediately.

Nilesh : I had a problem with desktop data recovery i contacted Data Recovery Mumbai i told the problem their response is what I expected and they have been such an amazing help in servicing I am very impressed with their intelligence, honesty, integrity, and customer service. This is what I call customer service.

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